Be Strong. Be Responsive. Adapt to Change.


Do you often feel hungry even though you just ate? If this sounds like you, it may help to jot down everything you eat for one week. Also, write down what you were… Continue reading


A lack of time is a barrier to working out for many people. But 30 minutes a day isn’t that much time. Plus, you don’t have to do all 30 minutes at once.… Continue reading


Do you often wake up with a sore neck? If so, you may want to replace your pillow. You want a pillow that can support your head and neck while you sleep. It’s… Continue reading


We all know we need water to survive. And yet it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. Try to get into the habit of carrying water with you. You’ll stay well hydrated and… Continue reading


We all have goals we’d like to reach and changes we’d like to make. But sometimes we get stuck. And that can feel frustrating and lead to stress. Maybe you’ve set a goal… Continue reading


Have you been to a farmers’ market lately? At farmers’ markets, you’ll find fresh, seasonal foods grown nearby and picked at peak ripeness. Also, you’ll often find foods that are certified organic. That… Continue reading


For many people, overtime has become a way of life. Digital devices allow you to stay connected to work 24/7. But letting work creep into your free time can mess with your work-life… Continue reading


It’s OK to enjoy a small amount of sweet treats every now and then. And you may have done just that on Valentine’s Day. But too much added sugar in your diet can… Continue reading

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