Don’t Cave to Cravings

If you’ve quit smoking or are trying to quit, you know how hard it can be. It can feel impossible to say no to a cigarette when you are having a craving. In fact, most people have to try quitting a number of times before they are able to give up the habit for good. So what can you do to deal with cravings?

One approach is to focus on the four Ds:

• Delay: Delay the urge to smoke or chew for at least five minutes. This can lessen or get rid of a craving.

• Distract: Get busy doing something else. Spin a coin, chew gum, or take a walk. Just do something else long enough to let the craving pass.

• Drink water: Always carry a water bottle with you. When you feel the urge to smoke or chew, take a drink. Drinking water can satisfy that hand-to-mouth urge.

• Deep breaths: Don’t forget to breathe. It will help you relax and clear your mind. Take three deep breaths whenever you feel a craving.