Build Strength With Dumbbells


You may think you need a gym’s worth of equipment to get a full strength training workout, but really all you need is a set of dumbbells and some know-how. These handy tools don’t cost much, and most gyms and fitness centers have whole sets of them. The weights start as low as 1 pound per dumbbell.

Dumbbells can be used to work large and small muscle groups. They can also help to challenge your balance because you have to stabilize as you move through the range of motion of the exercise. You can also selectively strengthen one side of the body more than the other by using different weights in each hand.

Ready to get started with dumbbells? There are many books and websites you can use to learn how to use dumbbells safely and effectively. You can also ask a certified personal trainer for pointers about exercises and form.

Be sure to do the exercises slowly and with a light amount of weight at first. This allows you to focus on your form before adding more weight. As you grow stronger, you can keep your muscles challenged by adding weights in small increments over time