Keeping Family Stress at Bay


Stress and life seem to go together. And even the happiest families can face hard times and stress. But just as you can practice healthy ways to minimize stress in your life, you can help keep your family’s stress level down, too. Some helpful habits include:

  • Support each other. Show support through words and actions. This could include going to a child’s school play or sports game.
  • Do things as a family. Work and play together. Make family game night a new tradition. And what about an after-dinner walk as a family?
  • Reach out as a family. Show that supporting your community matters to your family. And put your time behind it. Get the whole family together to volunteer at a charity or community event.

You may not be able to shield your home life from stress, but you can keep stress levels lower by communicating and being supportive. This way, when you do go through stress, you go through it as a team—as a family.