You Won’t Miss These Calories


You Won’t Miss These Calories

If you eat whole foods, watch your portion size, and plan ahead, you will be on your way to healthy weight management. But here are a few more ways you might be able to cut some extra calories with very little effort:

  • Say no to soda. One 12-oz can of soda has about 150 calories. If you drink one soda a day, that’s 1,050 calories a week and 4,200 calories a month!  Try these instead:
    -Sparkling water with a squeeze of lime
    -Unsweetened iced tea with fresh lemon
  • Swap mayonnaise for mustard. A tablespoon of mayo has about 100 calories. The same amount of mustard has about 15. If you swap mayo for mustard in sandwiches for lunch for 5 days, you will save 425 calories.
  • Swap your sweet coffee drink for a regular coffee with skim milk and a sugar-free sweetener. Some sweet blended drinks can have up to 500 calories. A coffee with skim milk is only 16 calories. If you get regular coffee 7 days a week, you will save 3,388 calories a week!
  • Watch the dressing. While many salads are healthy, many dressings can be very high in calories. Ask for low-fat or fat-free dressing, and order the dressing on the side. If you switch from regular to fat-free ranch, you’ll save 100 calories per 2-tablespoon serving.
  • Swap junk food for whole foods. Instead of a handful of pretzels, try a cup of baby carrots with 1 tablespoon of hummus. You’ll get that satisfying crunch and save 85 calories.
  • Change your plate ratio. When serving dinner, fill your plate at least half full with veggies. Add lean protein and whole grains to fill out the rest.
  • Skip dessert —at least once in awhile. At home, try fresh berries or melon for a sweet end to dinner. If you are eating out, finish your meal with a skim milk decaf cappuccino.

Keep in mind that taking in an extra 3,500 calories is a pound gained. But it works both ways. Cutting 3,500 is a pound lost. And when you don’t miss the calories you’ve cut, that loss is an even sweeter victory.