Stay in Shape With Pilates


Ever heard of Pilates? This low-impact exercise can help tone and strengthen your body. It involves slow, controlled movements against resistance. The focus is on the movement and your breath. It has been the go-to workout among dancers and gymnasts for years because of how much it helps with flexibility.

Great flexibility isn’t just for athletes. It can help you do daily tasks like carrying and lifting groceries, tending the garden, or cleaning your house more easily. It may help keep you from getting injured. And it can help make your body look great and feel wonderful.

There are 2 basic styles of the workout. One style uses your own body weight for resistance and is done on floor mats. The other uses specially designed equipment. Springs, pulleys, cables, and your body weight provide the resistance.

So how do you get started? The best option is to take a class. Many studios, gyms, and fitness clubs offer Pilates classes. Some places offer both one-on-one and group instruction. Pick the class that feels right for you. You can also do Pilates at home, but it’s best to do this after you’ve taken a class or had some one-on-one instruction. Skilled training and proper equipment are key to a safe, effective Pilates workout.

For some, the only way to stay in shape is to find a workout they enjoy. If this sounds like you, try Pilates. It might just give you the drive you need to stay active.