Toxic Tobacco


Have you ever wondered what’s in that tobacco smoke you inhale so many times a day?

Did you know that there are literally thousands of different chemicals found in tobacco smoke? Many of them are known to cause cancer. But you already know that smoking is harmful to your health. It’s written on the side of every pack you buy.

Still, have you ever wondered just why cigarettes are so unhealthy? Check out some of the toxic chemicals they contain:

  • Acetaldehyde: Helps other toxins in tobacco smoke absorb better in the body. You’ll also find it in glue, fuel, and dyes.
  • Ammonia: Speeds up how fast nicotine is absorbed by the body. You can also use it to scrub down your bathroom.
  • Arsenic: Sprayed over the crops by tobacco farmers. It keeps bugs and fungus at bay. The tobacco isn’t washed before it becomes a cigarette. Arsenic is also commonly used as rat poison.
  • Benzene: Used to glue the edges of the cigarette paper together. It’s also found in rubber cement, lacquers, and paint remover.
  • Butane: Helps ignite the tobacco when a cigarette is lit. It’s the active ingredient in lighter fluid.
  • Formaldehyde: Extends the shelf life of cigarettes. It is also used to embalm dead bodies.

The next time you go out for cigarettes, you might want to think about what you’ll be inhaling when you light up. Think about buying a quitting aid instead.