Is Alcohol Standing in Your Way?

Is Alcohol Standing in Your Way 5-22-2014

Alcohol trips up a lot of people when they’re trying to quit using tobacco. Why? For many people, alcohol and tobacco go hand in hand because they’ve been paired so often. If alcohol is a trigger for you, you may feel the urge to smoke or take a dip when you drink.

Alcohol makes it harder to make good choices. It also makes people more likely to do things they wouldn’t normally do. So you might think, “It won’t hurt. I’ll just use tobacco this one time and quit again tomorrow.”

The best way to deal with this problem is to stay away from alcohol when you first quit. This doesn’t have to be forever. Try it for one month. At the very least, avoid alcohol during the first two weeks of quitting. This is when most people start smoking or chewing tobacco again.

If you choose to keep drinking, do everything you can to break the link between alcohol and tobacco. Drink less. Change to a new type of alcohol. Resist the thought, “I’ll just have one.”