The Healthier Choice: Multi-Grain or Whole Grain?

Multigrain or Wheat 6-17-14

Have you ever grabbed a loaf of “7-grain” or “multi-grain” bread off the grocery store shelf, thinking you were getting all the health benefits of whole grain bread? Think again. The terms multi-grain and whole grain mean entirely different things. Foods with whole grains have all the parts of the grain kernel intact. That means the bran, the germ, and the endosperm have not been stripped away.

Foods containing multi-grains simply have more than one kind of grain. But it doesn’t necessarily mean those grains are whole grains.

To tell the difference, read the nutrition facts label carefully. It could be your favorite multi-grain bread actually uses whole grains. You’ll know if the first few ingredients on the label say “whole oats” or “whole wheat,” for example. Choose foods with these ingredients. Whole grains are healthiest since they offer more nutrients and fiber than other types of grain.