Get to Know The Healthyroads’ Team Journey on STP: Kaitlin Cofer

STP Interview 8-5-14


Healthyroads: What motivated you to participate in the STP race?

Kaitlin: My love for cycling and wanting to get back into longer distance rides.


Healthyroads: What were the best, most inspirational moments for you? 

Kaitlin: Riding over the big draw bridge from WA into OR was the best and most surreal moment for me…we rode over a bridge into another state…crazy!


Healthyroads: What were the most challenging experiences of the race?

Kaitlin: The heat!  Also, maneuvering around the mass amounts of riders.


Healthyroads: What did you notice about the levels of fitness of the riders?

Kaitlin: They were all over the place!  STP proved that if you set your mind to something, you can do it!


Healthyroads: How did the STP race change your outlook on fitness and the importance of fitness?

Kaitlin: It inspired me to get back into long distance cycling…Ironman 2015 is in the works!


Healthyroads: What would you tell someone who was on the fence about doing the STP race?

Kaitlin: Just do it…why not?


Healthyroads: Any extra comments, observations, reflections you want to make?

Kaitlin: LOVED our Be Beast campaign!