Five Tips for Healthy Aging

Senior woman on country bike ride

September is Healthy Aging Month. Aging is inevitable. But aging well can be a choice. Your attitude and habits play a big role in how well you age. They can also affect whether or not you avoid the diseases common in later life. Here are 5 tips to help you age well.


Tip 1: Exercise every day. Exercise lowers the risk of disease. It can help control cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. It makes your heart and lungs stronger. It helps keep your brain working well. And it can lower blood pressure in some people. Exercise can also reduce the risk of disability. It makes bones stronger, builds muscle, and helps your joints move freely. All of this can help you stay healthy, active, and independent.


Tip 2: Don’t smoke. Smoking ages every system in the body. It harms the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. And it causes cell damage that can lead to cancer.


Tip 3: Manage stress. Stress causes the body to release hormones that prepare the body for fight or flight. If the stress response goes on for a long time, it is harmful to the body. Stress raises blood pressure and overworks the heart. It also suppresses the immune system. Over time, these effects can lead to disease.


Tip 4: Adopt a healthy attitude. The way you view the aging process can also affect your health. The idea of growing older can be stressful. But adapting to aging in healthy ways can make it a productive and satisfying time of life.


Tip 5: Eat a healthy diet. Eat a diet of mostly whole foods from plant sources to give your body the nutrients it needs. This type of diet is low in calories, unhealthy fats, and cholesterol. It can also give you more nutrients and fiber than a diet based on meats and processed foods.


Embracing healthy habits and a healthy attitude can help you age well.