The 10-Minute Workout Solution

Sports Woman's legs in running movement

Has it been a long time since you were active? Has your doctor encouraged you to start getting more active? If so, the thought of heading back to the gym might seem like a daunting task. Or maybe it seems too hard to squeeze a daily workout into your busy schedule.

Here’s a possible solution. What if, instead of creating a whole long workout routine to get back into shape, you went on 3 10-minute walks a day? Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Even a 10-minute walk can have a big impact on your health—an impact for the better. Those 3 10-minute walks add up to 30 minutes a day. And research suggests that just 30 minutes of walking, 3 days a week can lower blood pressure and shrink waist and hip size. It can also increase your overall fitness.

Don’t let the size of your goals discourage you or slow you down. Instead, focus on small changes. Pretty soon, your body might be fit and healthy, and wanting more.
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