So, how are you doing with those healthy New Year’s resolutions? On track? Great! Running out of steam? Okay, no worries. We’re here to steer you around some common roadblocks and get you rolling again.

Roadblock #1: Choosing a goal that’s too big (or too general).
Say your resolution is to lose weight. Okay, but how much weight? In how much time? Is that even reasonable? And how do you plan to do it? These huge, vague goals can be real resolution-killers. Change this goal so that it is small, specific, and realistic. For instance: “I plan to lose 25 pounds by July 1st.”

Roadblock #2: Not having a plan.
A specific goal still may not leave you with something to do. For that, you need a plan. Break your goal down into small, specific steps you can take. For instance, resolve to walk 3 times a week for a half-hour and to drink water in place of soda. Those 2 steps alone are a great start toward losing weight. Once they become second nature, you can add the next step of your plan.

Roadblock #3: Your heart’s not in it.
Ask yourself if this a change you truly want? Is your heart in it? Be honest. Change takes effort. So if you’re doing this for someone else or because you think you should, but your heart’s not in it, that’s not going to cut it. Pick a new resolution—one you truly want.

Roadblock #4: Being impatient.
If you’re expecting instant change, you’ll need to adjust your mindset. Remember, change takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight or in a few days. Mentally gear up for the long haul. It could take a good 6 months before your new health habits feel normal and you see some results.

Roadblock #5: Giving up at the first slip up.

So you ate the brownie. So you smoked the cigarette. So you slept through your morning walk. So what? Don’t throw out the goal because of one slip. Expect some setbacks and use them as learning opportunities. Make adjustments to your plan, if needed, or just pick up where you left off with your plan and keep going.

 Roadblock #6: No one is holding you accountable.
Did you tell anyone your goal? Is anyone helping you reach it? If not, it’s pretty easy to quit, isn’t it? Because no one’s going to shake their finger at you for bailing or urge you to keep going. We all do better with someone in our corner.

So, get clear on what you want. Make sure your heart’s in it. Get a plan and supporters. And be ready to patiently work toward one small goal at a time. And don’t worry, we’ll check in with you next month to see how it’s going and offer more support.