It’s February, so if you’re still rocking your healthy New Year’s resolutions, way to go. But if, like everybody else, your motivation has started to fizzle, don’t worry. These 3 tips can help get you psyched again.

Tip 1: Create a vision.
You’d be amazed at how inspiring a positive vision of yourself can be. So take a few minutes to imagine the future you, after you’ve successfully met your health goals. Picture yourself smiling and vibrant, following your healthy habits. Imagine how you will feel and how people will positively respond to you.

Spend a few minutes each day picturing this future you. Or draw the picture and hang it on the fridge or bathroom mirror—somewhere you’ll see it each day.

Tip 2: Get it in writing.
Want to motivate yourself to reach your goals? Then start by writing them down. This crystallizes and externalizes them—it gives you something to focus on. Paste a copy of your goals in every room. And while you’re at it, post them on social media. Get your friends cheering you on.

You could also write down your progress toward your goals each day in a journal. There’s nothing like seeing your daily accomplishments on the page to motivate you. (Plus—bonus—you have somewhere to vent your frustrations on days when you’re struggling.) List your reasons for making the changes, too, for times when you need extra oomph.

Tip 3: Rewards, rewards, rewards.
We all need to feel rewarded when we do something hard. And by now you’ve probably figured out that changing your health habits can be hard. Plus, it may take months before you start to see tangible results from your labor—like a thinner waistline or the ability to jog 3 blocks without wheezing. So, in the meantime, reward yourself.

Pick healthy rewards that you really want. Line up small ones each week—or even each day—to reward yourself for sticking to healthy choices. These can be simple pleasures like a bubble bath or an hour to yourself to read. Plan bigger rewards for milestones, such as losing your first 10 pounds. Choose something you’ll really look forward to.

These are simple tips, but they work. Focus on a healthy, vibrant vision of yourself. Keep reminding yourself of your goals and why you’re working toward them. And reward all of your efforts, big and small. Because you’re worth the effort.