Five Healthy Spring Activities You Can Do With Your Family

March-2015_Family-Spring-Activites_HYR-Blog-Imagery1All seasons have their upsides. But, for many of us, the end of winter is a welcome reprieve. Green leaves and flower blossoms, milder weather, and longer days are all signs that spring is in the air. And what better time to head outdoors to make the most of what nature has to offer?

Here are a few tips to fire up your spring spirit and to engage your loved ones—big and small—in healthy activities:

1. Take part in outdoor sports. Who wants to huddle indoors when you can stretch your limbs in the great outdoors? Soccer, tennis, volleyball, and baseball are all great family sports. You may want to invite other families to compete with yours in a friendly game. A little team competition can be a great way to stay active and fully engaged. You could also try skating, biking, or kayaking. Find a sport that you all connect with and have fun doing. When you and your family enjoy an activity, it’s much easier to keep doing it.

2. Pack a healthy picnic and spend a day at the water. A trip to the lake, beach, or river may be just what your family needs to unwind this spring. Play in the sand, walk the shoreline, toss a Frisbee, or play volleyball. And be sure to pack a picnic basket with your favorite fresh fruits and healthy snacks.

3. Plant a family garden. Grow lasting memories by planting a vegetable garden with your family at home or at a local patch. Exercise and fresh food are some of the benefits you’ll reap. It can also inspire your family to work side by side toward a common goal. And, it can help you gain a greater respect for the earth and the food you eat.

4. Plan a nature scavenger hunt. Collect acorns, pebbles, or flowers at a park (be sure it’s OK with the city or a park ranger first), or shells at the beach. You can go online and learn more about them after you collect them. String them together and make leis, garlands, wind chimes, or other unique trinkets. What a fun way to showcase your spring treasures!

5. Explore public parks. Take a day to hike the park trails in your county. Or camp a few days and take time to meander around the local area. Observe native plants, flowers, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. For fresh air and fun-on-the-go, why not invite your family to explore your local public parks with you this spring?

There’s much ado about spring for good reason. This sprightly season is a breath of fresh air, warming our hearts and inviting us to step outside, play, and get moving.