Stress is a normal part of life. In fact, you need some stress to feel challenged by life. A stress-free life would be dull and uninspiring. But too much stress can harm your health over time, especially if you don’t know how to manage it.

To help you better manage the stress in your life, here are 10 quick, easy, and free ways you can relax and de-stress:

  1. Take a break. Remember to take your scheduled breaks at work. Use the time to relax, instead of fitting in chores or errands. Take a minute just to stretch, get out for a short walk, or enjoy some light reading.
  2. Disconnect. Start by turning off your cell phone and avoiding your computer and TV for 10 minutes a day. Then try for 15 minutes, and then 20. Work your way up to an hour or 2 each day, if you can.
  3. Focus on the positive. Take time to talk with family or friends about the good things in your life. Or just take a moment to think about what you’re thankful for in your life.
  4. Spend time in nature. Sit quietly in a park and observe the wind in the trees. Take a peaceful walk without talking on your cell phone. Hang out with your kids at an outdoor playground. Spend time in your garden.
  5. Get some sleep. Take a 20 – to 30-minute nap. And try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night.
  6. Stretch. At your desk or at home, stretch your hands, shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Briefly close your eyes while you stretch to give your eyes a break from your computer.
  7. Make time for fitness. Go for a walk. Work in your garden. Hit the gym. Dance the night away. Play with your kids.
  8. Declutter and reorganize. Clear away clutter at home or at work. Reorganize a drawer in your kitchen or a shelf in your closet.
  9. Picture yourself in a peaceful place. Think of a favorite vacation spot. Picture a beautiful sunset. Or imagine being on a warm, sandy beach.
  10. Smile. Talk to a friend who makes you laugh. Watch a clip of your favorite comedian. Read a humor column. Or just remember a funny moment.

Make time to relax and de-stress each day. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or energy to reap a lot of rewards.