You’ve waited all year for summer. So what are you doing inside, going through your same old workout routine? Get outdoors with these fun summer workouts.

Beach or lake
If you’ve got access to a local beach or lake, then no excuses. Other people would love to be in your shoes, so get yourself to the water. Swimming is a terrific calorie-burner and one of the best whole-body workouts around. If you don’t live near water, then check out the closest outdoor pool.

For a great upper body workout, try canoeing or kayaking. For a great lower body workout, try walking, jogging, or tossing a football on the sand. Like water, sand adds resistance to your movements, which makes for more of a workout. You could also play beach volleyball with friends or try snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, or surfing.

Local park
Live near a park? Parks offer loads of fun ways to get active. Kids can run around and enjoy the playground. Adults (and kids) can toss Frisbees, cycle bike paths, play team sports, or enjoy outdoor yoga. You could also try the circuit training equipment found along many park trails. Maybe your park has tennis or basketball courts. Maybe your idea of a park is actually a golf course…with plenty of walking between holes. Go for it.

Now we’re talking to those of you who live near the mountains. When was the last time you got out hiking? Mountain biking? Bird watching? Flower gathering? Nature’s beauty and a bounty of activities are waiting to be experienced. Take the whole family for a hike or nature walk. Or try pole hiking. The rubber-tipped, aluminum poles get your arms moving along with your legs and helps take stress off your knees.

Can’t get to the mountains anytime soon? Find somewhere interesting to walk closer to home instead. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Who knows? You just might find a fun urban trail you didn’t know was there. Or pick an interesting destination that you’ve always wanted to explore.

Your yard
For a great outdoor workout, there’s no need to travel farther than your own yard. Play tag, kick a soccer ball, or shoot hoops with your kids. Bounce on a trampoline. Or play catch or lawn games like badminton or volleyball. You could also set up an outdoor obstacle course or a “boot camp” workout. Alternate speed drills of squats, lunges, crunches, and push-ups with one minute of jump rope or wind sprints. Finish off with stretching on a yoga mat.

Most of all, see if you can recapture that spirit of play you had as a kid … you know, when moving used to be fun. Then get out there and sweat, play, and have a blast.