Sports Woman's legs in running movement

Holidays can bring a lot of stress. But did you know a lot of holiday traditions and customs can also be great stress busters? Here’s a list of 7 fun and festive activities that might help you relax.

  1. Socialize: The holidays are a great time to celebrate with coworkers, friends, and family. And spending time with others can help ease stress. Don’t overdo it, though. If you get invited to too many holiday events, don’t be afraid to say “no.”
  2. Laugh: Don’t be a Grinch! The holidays are a time to be merry. And good news: Laughter helps reduce stress hormones and relaxes muscle tension. Put on a humorous holiday movie and laugh your stress away.
  3. Sing: Music can help curb stress and improve your mood. So crank up those holiday tunes in the car. Belt out a solo at home. Sing along at a holiday concert. Or go caroling with friends.
  4. Create: Being creative can help you calm down and relax. So let loose decking the halls. Make a festive wreath or centerpiece. Decorate cookies with your kids. Or use your creative skills to make fun, personal gifts.
  5. Dance: Don’t just stand there … bust a move! Dancing is a fun way to fit in a little fitness over the holidays. And being active is a great way to lower stress.
  6. Walk: Go walking in a winter wonderland. Take in the sights and smells of nature. Enjoy the crisp air. Feel the snow on your face. Spending a little time in nature can help you wind down and forget about your worries.
  7. Breathe: Just breathe! If you start feeling stressed, stop and take a few deep breaths. Try to breathe into your belly, not your chest. Belly breathing is one of the simplest ways to relax. It’s easy to do and takes very little time.

If you feel yourself getting tense this holiday season, don’t despair. Pick your favorite stress-busting activity from this list and get to it. You just may find yourself stressing less and getting more into the spirit of the season.