Four Fall Health Reminders

Sports Woman's legs in running movement

Now that fall has arrived, the weather will be getting colder and the days will be getting shorter. Fall is often a time for cozy clothes and comfort food. For relaxing by the fire with a good book, or curling up on the couch to watch a good movie. But if you’re not careful, those fall habits can wreak havoc on your health. So this year, make a plan to stay active and eat healthy through the fall and on into the winter months.

  1. Enjoy fresh, seasonal produce. Just because summer is over that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. Squash, pears, apples, beets, Brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes are all in season. Look for these seasonal items and more at the grocery store or your local farmers’ market. Try to eat a variety of fruits and veggies in a whole range of colors to make sure you get a good mix of vitamins and minerals.
  1. Stick to regular workouts. Once summer is over, you may actually find it easier to stick to your workout routine. And the cooler weather can make outdoor workouts more enjoyable. Just be careful as the holidays approach to make time for fitness. And if the weather gets bad, think of ways to stay active indoors. You can hit the gym, of course. Or try a home workout with a workout DVD or an online workout video.
  1. Watch out for food temptations. Fall favorites include pizza and wings during football games, Halloween candy, and Thanksgiving pie. Though delicious, these popular foods tend to be high in calories and fat. It’s not that you can’t indulge every now and then. Just try not to overindulge. The best way to do that is to come up with a game plan to deal with temptations. You might plan to enjoy one treat on Halloween, for instance. You might plan to avoid second helpings on Thanksgiving and to go for a walk after you eat. Making a plan in advance can help you make healthy choices in the moment.
  1. Enjoy active pursuits. Reading, watching football games, and binging on TV shows may be fun, but they’re sedentary. Try to make time for some active pursuits as well, along with your regular workouts. Take advantage of the season by going apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch. Go for a hike to enjoy the leaves as they change colors. Rake leaves into piles and jump in. Play touch football in the yard.

Staying active and watching what you eat can help you stay healthy this fall.