Walking After Meals Can Help Control Blood Sugar

It’s tempting to put your feet up and relax after you’re done eating. But that may actually be the perfect time to squeeze in a little fitness. Research has shown that a short, 10-minute post-meal walk can help control your blood sugar.

Your blood sugar rises after you eat. And some foods, such as simple carbs, cause your blood sugar to rise more sharply. It’s best to avoid these large spikes in blood sugar, as it can raise your risk of diabetes.

This is why going for a walk may help. Studies have shown that walking for just 10 minutes after each meal can significantly lower your blood sugar. For best results, go for a walk within 30 minutes of eating your meal.

Here are a few ideas for how you can fit in a post-meal walk:

  • After breakfast: You may be able to combine a short walk with some other morning activities. For instance, you could take your dog for a short walk, walk your kids to school, or walk to work. Or walk just for the sake of walking.
  • After lunch: If you bring your own lunch, build a short walk into your lunch break. If you eat out, walk to and from the restaurant, instead of driving your car. Ask a coworker to join you, if you’d like some company.
  • After dinner: Make an after-dinner walk a new family tradition. Take a sunset walk together. Or stroll to a nearby park. You can walk while the dishes soak or are washing in the dishwasher.

This is great news for those who have diabetes. But everyone can benefit. Getting active after you eat is a natural, easy way to manage your blood sugar. Plus, it helps you meet your fitness goals.