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Being active can help you burn more calories. And that can help you lose weight or maintain your weight. Exercise is one key way to get active. But along with exercise, it’s good… Continue reading


Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of fuel. But some carbs are high in sugar and starch, and low in fiber. That means they can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar… Continue reading


Worrying about a problem can cause a lot of stress. But taking steps to resolve the problem can help. Even a small step can help you feel like you’re making headway. You may… Continue reading


Some days, you may become too busy, too tired, or too distracted to stick with your fitness routine. Setting up cues that trigger you to work out may help. Pack your gym bag… Continue reading


Sometimes our greatest hardships in life can bring about positive changes. Can you think of one? Maybe you came through a painful divorce and learned some valuable relationship skills? Maybe a natural disaster… Continue reading


Who doesn’t love a serving of creamy fettuccini Alfredo or spaghetti and meatballs with parmesan cheese? Yummy. But all the saturated fat in the meat and cheese may be less than healthy. So,… Continue reading


When it comes to watching your weight, fitness is critical. And studies have found that social support can help you get and stay active. One reason may be due to the fact that… Continue reading


Eating fruits and veggies from all the colors in the rainbow is key for good health. It helps you get the full range of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Yellow fruits and… Continue reading


Do you stop at the local coffee house on the way to work each morning for a latté topped with whipped cream? If that’s become a daily habit, be careful. You may be… Continue reading


Try to chew each bite of your lunch 30 times today. Taking time to truly enjoy your food can help make it taste better. It can also prevent you from overeating. So savor… Continue reading

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