Recreational Sports: A Good Fit for You?

If you’re like some people, you may find it boring to work out in a gym. Treadmill workouts, aerobics classes, or weight lifting may feel like a chore. You may find it hard… Continue reading

Fitness Challenge

Are you in need of some motivation to exercise? Cueing up some upbeat tunes might help inspire you to get up and go.

Stress Challenge

Saying no to some things can help lessen your stress. Think about a time you said no to help lessen your stress. How did it help?

3 “Health Foods” That Can Really Pack on the Pounds

Not all “health foods” are created equal. Some may be less healthy than you think. Or, they may be healthy, but only in small amounts, due to their high calorie load. Here are… Continue reading

Trade in Multitasking for Mindfulness

Do you often find yourself doing two or more things at once? Maybe you respond to emails during meetings at work. Or maybe you talk on the phone while you’re running errands. Sometimes… Continue reading

3 Myths About Going Vegetarian

Do you think being a vegetarian means you have to eat weird foods? Or that you have to strictly limit what you eat or combine certain foods with great care? These are just… Continue reading

Get to Know the Healthyroads’ Team Journey on STP: Greg Norman

  The STP two-day ride was my first back-to-back 100 miles/day bicycle ride.  I have raced mountain bikes and road bikes for many years and completed several century rides including a 100 mile… Continue reading

Low-Calorie, Nutrient-Dense Eating Made Easy

One key to losing or maintaining your body weight is through healthy eating. And the first step to a healthy diet is choosing foods low in calories, but high in nutrients. Here are… Continue reading

Healthy Lunches for Back to School

It’s back-to-school time. And packing healthy lunches can help ensure kids get the fuel they need to do well in class. The trick is to find healthy foods they will actually eat. Knowing… Continue reading

How to Squeeze Mini-Workouts Into Your Day

It happens all too often. Your job, your kids, or your daily errands get in the way of your fitness routine. And before you know it, you’ve stopped working out altogether. How are… Continue reading

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