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Walking with a group can add value to your workout routine in a host of ways. It can boost motivation and accountability. It can help you stay safe. And it may make your… Continue reading


If you’re feeling sad or depressed, try taking a brisk 30-minute walk. Or, hit the gym, shoot some hoops with the kids, or go to a dance class. Working out releases chemicals in… Continue reading


Walking lunges can be a great way to strengthen the muscles of your butt, hips, and legs. But you can get more bang for your strength-training buck if you do your walking lunges… Continue reading


It’s common to think about weight management in moral terms. Eating an apple instead of a donut is good. Skipping the gym is bad. But this way of thinking can get in the… Continue reading


Have you noticed that music makes your workouts better? It’s not just in your head, or in your ears. Science shows that music can boost the effectiveness of your physical activity. And it… Continue reading


Maybe you want to work on your core to improve your balance. Or focus on your arms to strengthen your upper body. Or target your back muscles to support your spine and posture.… Continue reading


Labor Day is just 1 day away. Backyard barbecues and picnics at the park will no doubt include vats of creamy potato salad, burgers, and pies. It’s OK to enjoy such rich fare—a… Continue reading


Blow off steam today by taking a brisk walk or doing a quick strength-training workout. Even just 10 minutes can make you feel more energized and upbeat. Exercise can also help improve your… Continue reading


Variety is the spice of life, and boot camp classes offer plenty of it. Many feature a mix of squats, pushups, lunges, and sprints. The class might also use free weights, kettlebells, and… Continue reading


These types of workouts can be found in many activities. Choose a wide range of exercises to fit in all types each week. For example, tai chi calls for both balance and flexibility.… Continue reading

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