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Your Labor Day fare does not have to be a feast of fatty foods. You can find creative and healthy ways to enjoy your feast without loading up on too much fat. Your… Continue reading


Stress and painful feelings are common eating triggers. Eating because you’re angry, bored, or sad may make you feel better in the short term. But you may feel worse in the long run.… Continue reading


Art is a creative way to explore your thoughts and feelings. It can help ease stress and calm both your mind and body. Try doodling, drawing, painting, making collages, or building models. Expressive… Continue reading


Biking puts less stress on your feet and leg joints than other activities, such as running. Biking may be a good choice if you are recovering from an injury. It may also be… Continue reading


Drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol, or not drinking at all, is a key part of a healthy life. Drinking more than a moderate amount is known to cause serious health problems. It… Continue reading


Keeping track of your food cravings and how you respond to them can help you pinpoint eating patterns that may be keeping you from losing weight. Do your cravings hit at the same… Continue reading


Why not catch up with a coworker over a brisk walk instead of a heavy lunch? Or hit the pavement for a weekly meeting? It’s a great way to squeeze in a little… Continue reading


Life gets hectic, especially during the work week. And that can make sticking to healthy habits a little harder. Weekends can give you a chance to catch up. It may be a great… Continue reading


    Try to stock your kitchen with healthy foods that are low in salt, added sugar, and unhealthy fats. And make these foods easy to see. That way they’ll be likely to… Continue reading

4 Tips for Treating Yourself With Compassion

Are you your own worst critic? Maybe you hold yourself to impossibly high standards. Maybe you find it hard to forgive your own mistakes. Maybe you’re quick to blame yourself and slow to… Continue reading

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