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Did you recently give in to a craving for chips, cookies, or another high-calorie food? Or, did you get so busy you didn’t make it to the gym last week? No big deal.… Continue reading


You can dine at your favorite fast food restaurant without filling up on high-calorie fare. Many fast food chains offer healthier choices. Try a grilled chicken or fish salad but hold the mayo… Continue reading


Keeping track of your food cravings and how you respond to them can help you pinpoint eating patterns that may be keeping you from losing weight. Do your cravings hit at the same… Continue reading


Quinoa is a whole grain that’s higher in protein than many other grains. Its subtle, nutty flavor makes a great substitute for rice. It’s also better for your heart than animal protein. And… Continue reading


You may be tempted to relax after a meal. Maybe you like to surf the web, read a book, or watch TV. But why not go for a brisk after-dinner stroll instead? A… Continue reading


You can avoid a lot of saturated fat and added sugar by making your own salad dressing. And it doesn’t have to be hard. Try a drizzle of olive oil with your favorite… Continue reading


You can cut back on calories by making one small change to your meals each day. Try swapping white rice for sautéed mushrooms, or dessert for an apple. Or make smaller changes like… Continue reading


Maybe you passed on a donut at work in favor of a piece of fruit. Maybe you had a great hike with a friend. Perhaps you said no to a second helping of… Continue reading


Positive self-talk can raise your self-esteem and help you keep going, even when things get tough. It can also shift any less helpful thoughts you may have about your weight loss efforts. If… Continue reading


Don’t let grocery shopping sabotage your waistline. Plan your meals and snacks so you know exactly which items you will need to buy. Make a shopping list and stick with it. Don’t shop… Continue reading

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